Tattoo BarnyBarnaby Titchener is a second generation tattooer living above the oldest established tattoo studio in Oxfordshire. Tattooing was a passion from an early age, one day when his mum picked him up from primary school she was taken aside and given a quiet word, ”please can you ask Barnaby not to draw on the other children as some parents are complaining”.

When Barnaby was in middle school his mum was called into the school again, they were concerned that in the art class Barnaby was drawing skulls and daggers with dripping blood they were getting worried about his drawings, his mother laughed and said she was not surprised as his father was a tattoo artist.

Barnaby went to Oxford Boys school just a 100 yards from the studio, Barnaby used to spend time in the studio copying the designs on the wall and would often not get ready for school he would be sat at the table drawing. When asked by his teacher why he was late Barnaby told the teacher he had missed the bus! Groups of children from the school were often seen sat on the pavement opposite the studio with the art teacher and all had boards and were drawing the dragon in the shop window.

Barnaby specialise in traditional old school tattooing and uses references from the archives of the Tattoo History Museum for inspiration, and in his spare time publishes books on the tattoo history.


We have produced a small booklet explaining our new tattooing proceedures during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Covid Ready Tattoo Studio